About Us

Sleep Monkey came to life in 2018. The brand was designed by Canadian military and police officers Mark Smith and Dwayne Johnson. They were looking for a solution to shift work to enhance the quality and duration of their sleep. The problem they had was that no matter what they tried to do to get a pitch-black environment for better sleep, the light seemed to find its way at all times.

They went on a mission to improve their sleep at all costs. In their line of duty, they needed to get the most restful sleep so that they could perform at their best and be alert at all times in high-stress situations. So they tried about every supplement and product on the market with the goal of monitoring and improving their sleep quality and duration. One product that was so simple, portable and cheap, was a sleeping mask.

Mark and Dwayne ordered every sleeping mask they could put their hands on and combined their best features to create some perfect pieces of craftmanship. And there it was! The brand took life, and the most fantastic sleeping masks went into production.

Every single sleeping eye mask is made of premium material and handmade at our factories. We take pride and joy in our products, and we wish you the best sleep of your life using them.

Mark and Dwayne

Sleep Monkey