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All of our sleeping masks are designed and assembled by hand using premium craftmanship techniques and equipment. It is important for us that each sleep mask is exquisitely created to offer a premium and luxurious product to our valued customers.

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Our luxury designed sleeping masks have been tested rigorously by an independent website of expert reviewers and we made and kept the number one spot ever since for the best sleeping masks in the world.

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Start enjoying life to it's fullest by treating yourself with one of our luxury sleep mask. Feel your best, energized and refresh everyday! You deserve nothing but the best possible rest and Sleep Monkey is here to deliver on that promise.

Initially created by shift workers for shift workers

Our owners were shift workers and when they designed the Sleep Monkey Luxury sleep masks, they had one goal in mind; to increase the duration and quality of their sleep to the fullest. By combining features of all the best sleeping masks they could find, they created these ultimate pieces of premium craftmanship. They stand proud of the results and want to share with you this secret product that restored their life quality and wellbeing. Used by military personal, law enforcement, health care providers, families, yogis and more... discover the benefits of using our sleeping masks today!

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I bought this for a friend, but she gave me a raving review. She's a doctor who works in northern communities and has difficulty sleeping in the rooms she's provided. She said that this is the best sleeping mask she's ever tried. It's soft and blocks out ALL light. She also said that it's adjustable which is perfect for larger heads lol. She even had me buy her another one! Now I'm thinking I'll have to try one myself...

Carling Miranda

Receive the product on Friday, right on schedule. Have tried it all weekend and could not be happier with it. It is not the first mask in which I have purchased however is the first comfortable one which hides the most amount of light. Definitely feels as if I am not wearing one at all. The inner part comes with an extra layer of thickness to really keep the light out. The cheaper ones do not compare in quality, style, thickness, and most importantly, comfort.

Dave Prince

This is an excellent sleep mask! It totally blocks out ANY light and stays in place; even when I change position. I also use a C-PAP machine, with a nasal pillow mask. I have no problem using this sleep mask and my C-PAP mask together. Also, my daughter has a lot of trouble with migraine headaches. Her only solution is to be in her bathroom, with does not allow much light in. She used my mask today so, I need another one!

Laura Clark

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