Why you should start using a sleep mask tonight and for the rest of your lives

When it comes to improving and restoring your sleep patterns, there is many tools, supplements and products on the market that claim to do this for you. But what if I told you that for under 35$ you can get an amazing product that not only will increase the quality and duration of your sleep but also something you won't want to go anywhere without.

That product is a sleeping mask! Sleep masks offers you the possibility to bring a pitch black environment wherever you are going and any point of the day. Why try to control external factors when all you can do if put one of these on and call it a day. At Sleep Monkey, we were concerned about finding a solution to increasing the duration and quality of sleep at all cost. We decided to settle on the sleep industry and focused our efforts on developing and creating the best possible sleep masks on the market. Our owners are ex military veterans and police officers with years of service behind the belt fighting sleep deprivation and doing shift work. They decided that they would try and buy every single sleep mask on the market and try them out to see what features they liked in all of them. Obviously some were great and others not so much, but by testing them all out, they were able to create their own amazing sleep masks combining all the benefits of them all to have a perfect product.

Our quality sleep masks are designed with the customer in mind and they are made with love to offer you the best possible sleeping experience. With the variety of sleep masks out there, here at Sleep Monkey, we settled on creating a cotton one and a silk one with a cooling insert to relieve puffy eyes and tiredness. We also created a cooling mask for dark circles, headdicts, allergies and relaxation. Our products have made the top ten and first place on an independant website of expert reviewers called thebestsleepmask.com . 

The goal of wearing a sleep mask is to block all incoming light so that you can fall asleep and stay asleep for as long as possible or desired. The also provide an immersive and relaxing experience when you get to tuned off from external stimulus and really focus on relaxing and falling asleep. Once you start sleeping with a sleep mask, you won't want to sleep without it. It is that amazing and we would definitely recommend you try one if you don't have one already.

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