Why You Should Be Using a Sleeping Mask Every Single Night of Your Life

Do you know that a lack of sleep is the number one contributing factors to heart disease, diabetes, depression and being unproductive and grumpy at work?

Lack of sleep is a serious issue and with people getting fewer and fewer hours of sleep every night, our nation is definitely in danger of increased zombie like symptoms and health issues. While it is that serious of an issue, we know of a simple and very effective solution to give you back some quality shut eye. The solution is a sleeping mask. All you have to do to increase the quality and duration of your sleep is block out that ambient light.


Why Blocking Light Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do?

Sleep has always been a sort of mystery for doctors and some aspect of it remained unanswered but one thing that we know for sure, is that blocking ambient light is the most important thing you can do to increase the quality and duration of your sleep. Light is what regulates your own internal body clock. When it is dark, melatonin gets secreted to put you to sleep. When you are awake adenosine increases in the brain and this is what makes you tired eventually for you to seek some shut eye. If there is a lot of ambient light, the circadian rhythm(internal clock) thinks it is this to be awake and it suppresses a myriad of chemicals including melatonin which is much needed for a deep and restful sleep.

When you use a sleeping mask, you are creating a pitch black and portable environment that can help you to get that circadian rhythm back on track and fall asleep. It sounds simple and it actually is but most people don't use a sleeping mask at night due to their lack of knowledge of this tool or because they just never thought about trying it and getting use to it. I remember the first time I tried a sleeping mask and realized that my sleep quality was right away much better and restful. I was immediately sold on it and cannot sleep without one nowadays. It is that powerful of a tool and so cheap that you don't have any excuses not to buy one and give this a try.

So Which Sleeping Mask Should You Buy?

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