Why I use the Sleep Monkey Luxury Sleeping Masks!

Hi everyone and my name is Matt. I am a certified Yin Yoga Instructor and work shift work for a private security company. I have been working shifts for all my life and one the things that I was struggling with, was to keep the sunlight out of hitting my eye lids after my shifts. My sleep was very poor and so was my health. As I sleep less and less throughout the night or days, I started losing concentration and the energy to do anything. My hormone profile changed and I started pilling up fat on my belly. I was really feeling run down and things were starting to collapse around me.  I tried barricading my windows with cardboard which wasn't esthetically pleasing and light could still come through. So eventually I jumped on a quest to find the best possible sleeping mask. 

So like most people, I jumped on amazon and ordered my first sleep mask. The first one wasn't quite successful at keeping the light out and I would lose it through the night and wake up without wearing it at all. You would think making a sleep mask is simple enough. It just needs to block you eyes and have a strap  to hold it in place but it's so much more than that. So I bought all of the latest and most advertised one with the goal of finding the perfect sleeping maks and none of them would quite work. Either they had eye cups which prevents me from sleeping on my side, or they would fall of my face, lights would come in through the nose area, they weren't quite breathable or not comfortable.

So after trying so many, I heard that sleep monkey was a new company that created the perfect sleep masks. One that stayed in place all night, would be comfortable, the Velcro wouldn't stick to the pillows, it was breathable and good in every sleep positions, it would stay on all night and would block totally all the light. This seemed like it was impossible since none of the masks I tried were able to do so. Well I ordered one and wow what a surprise. Their masks are so soft, comfortable, wrap around the hear and goes over the ears, they are breathable, light blocking, washable, durable, and stays on all night. What else could of I asked for. After using it for more than two years now, my health has increased, my sleep quality and duration is amazing and my hormone profile went back to being optimal and I lost some weight and my blood pressure went down. 

This is really how powerful and effective a great sleep mask can be, and on top of that it is something that is so cheap and affordable. For a price tag just above 30 dollars, that's one of the cheapest and most effective product I have ever bought compared to so many different supplements, gadgets, doctors appointments and more with the goal of improving my overall health. If you want the best sleeping mask on the market right now, sleep monkey is the brand to go for. They have an amazing modal fabric one and a silk version as well with cooling inserts to relieve puffy eyes and dark circles. I own the two versions and love them so much. This is really one cheap product that you won't regret buying and once you start using a sleep mask, you won't ever want to sleep without one again. 

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