The Number One Travelling Pillow Kit - Buy it Today!

If you are interested in buying the best travelling pillow kit there is out there, we have created exactly this for you! At Sleep Monkey, our goal is to offer the best sleeping pillows and eye mask to enhance the quality and duration of your sleep. We started off by creating amazing sleeping mask and eventually realized we needed to expand our product line and came up with the best travel pillow on earth! Our travelling pillows come with a strap system to attach to most airline seats headrest, it's made from super comfy memory foam that molds and support your head as you rest and put on your head weight on it.

To make this travel pillow kit even better, we decided to offer you as a bonus free earplugs and a minimalist and really comfortable sleep mask to offer you a pitch black environment during your travelling adventures. At Sleep Monkey we created the Flying Monkey Luxury Travel Pillow Kit to offer you the best possible kit that exist currently on the market. Yes there is tons of cheap knock off travelling pillow you can buy out there but if you want to spend a bit more money and have a durable and high quality product, you need to buy our pillow kit! It's truly amazing and will enhance the quality and comfort of your travelling endeavors.

This traveling pillow kit contains all that you need to travel in comfort. The memory foam airplane pillow has a removable cover and also contains a zipper and a small pouch on the side if you want to put earphones, air pods or any other type of ear buds in there to prevent losing them.

This kit was created by taking all the most amazing features we could find on the market for travelling airplane pillows and combining them into one amazing kit for you guys to enjoy.

If you want the best travel pillow on the market currently, you need to buy the Flying Monkey Luxury Travel Pillow Kit from us. You won't regret any penny out of it!