The Best Travel Pillow!

At Sleep Monkey, our goal was always to provide and design the best sleeping mask and sleeping aid product on the market. After so much success with our incredible sleeping mask, sleep monkey got many request for designing the best travel pillow kit we could come up with. Our team got together and we created the Flying Monkey Luxury Travel Pillow Kit. This is everything you need when you travel on an airplane, a bus, a train, a car or even if you are simply gaming at home and want so neck pillow support. Our pillow kit comes with and super minimalist and comfortable light sleep mask as well as earplugs to buff out the sound and help you sleep during long travels.

The Flying Monkey Luxury Travel Pillow kit is everything you need as traveling essentials. This super comfortable memory foam airplane pillow provides enough support yet a super spongy and comfortable surface to sleep on. It also has a zippered pouch on the side where you can store earphones or earplugs or any other simple and small objects for your travels The back of the pillow includes a strap system that you can use to attach the pillow to most headrest that will accept it so your head can remain in line with your body while sleeping and in the seated position. 

This is by far the best travel pillow system you can buy currently on the market and we are proud to be the ones offering it to you guys. If you want to have the best possible sleep during your travelling adventures, you definitely need to get your hands on this kit. It comes with the memory foam pillow and strap system, the super comfortable sleeping mask and a set of earplugs. The memory foam pillow also has a detachable cover for easy washing and cleaning which is quite convenient for an item like this who can get dirty over time. 

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