The Best Sleeping Masks On The Market

Are you looking at increasing your sleep duration and quality? Then you definitely need a sleeping masks if you don't have one already. The price of sleeping masks are anywhere from 10$ for very cheap ones, to 50$ for high quality masks. At Sleep Monkey, we designed the best sleeping masks in the world. We went on a mission to find all of the best sleeping masks on the market and combine their pros while disregarding the cons. This process allowed us to create the best possible sleeping masks and you can find all of our collection here. 

Sleep Monkey was created by ex-military and police officers Mark and Dwayne who wanted to increase their performance at work and get the best possible sleep. They quickly realize that they needed to focus on quality sleep to boost their performance and alertness at work and in high risk situations. If there is people you should trust when it comes to sleep duration and quality, it's definitely shift workers working in high stress environment. Mark and Dwayne wanted to find what could benefit their sleep schedule the most and after trying so many different products, they realize a sleep mask and some earplugs was what made the biggest difference in their life. 

Fortunately enough, all of our sleeping masks comes with free earplugs so by buying a sleep mask, you are actually buying a kit that will increase the duration and dept of your sleep. Multiple studies have been conducted into the efficacy of sleeping masks and they make such a significant impact by providing a pitch black environment and an immersive experience that will tune you out of the world and deeply to sleep. 

So if you are serious about getting better sleep quality and improving your health, check out our website here. We have different sleeping masks based on your preferred fabric, anything from high quality ultra-breathable bamboo fabric, cotton mask or silk. These are the three preferred fabrics to use when it comes to making sleeping masks. Thanks for visiting our website and don't leave without making a selection, you won't regret it and for the cost, you can beat the tremendous effect it will have on your health every single day.