The Best Sleeping Masks On The Market

We live in a life where noise, lights and constant stimulation takes way more place than peace, quietness and darkness. The stress of busy meetings starting on Monday's, the lack of sleep from running around after the kids, the constant demand for performance and high achievements, it can become hard to relax and get that much needed sleep who allows us to keep going at this pace.

When it comes to enhancing the quality and duration of your sleep, one excellent tool that you might of seen in movies or on tv, is the use of a sleeping mask with earplugs or without. The sleep mask in itself provides so much benefits when it comes to sleep duration and in combination with earplugs it is even better. As you can review by yourself here with this amazing study that concluded how effective sleeping masks and earplugs are.

So when it comes to sleep masks, what are their benefits?

1.They help to sleep longer and get a more restful sleep

Decades, if not centuries of studies shoes that humans and their ancestors live through the day and sleep during the night. Our brains were designed to sleep at night and sleep is an important process of removing brains toxins and chemicals that gets accumulated during our awake time. With all the amount of artificial lights coming from tablets, phones, tv's, passing car and more, it can be hard to get that signal going to our brain that it is time to sleep. Most people will close their blinds and shut down their lights, but just how dark is your room after all of that? It is truly hard nowadays to get pitch black environment and that's where a sleeping mask comes in handy.

2. They help to lower symptoms of insomnia

A dark cool room is the best way to trick your brain into falling asleep and a sleep mask and earplugs will help you achieve that desired result way better than if you try to just shut down your eyes. Insomnia is one of the most prominent sleep disorder in North America.

With sleep disorders categorized as a mental issue, it is important to put more focus on sleeping properly and getting the much needed rest you need. A sleeping eye mask will allow your eyes to remain covered even if they open up throughout the night. Without taking the mask off, you won't be able to see any LED's or even be tempted to look at your cellphone which can affect right away your circadian rhythm and prevent you from falling back asleep.

Lack of sleep increases stress and anxiety and can be detrimental to your mental health. You can quickly see why getting the best sleep mask on the market is an important tool in your fight against insomnia.

3. They are affordable

It can truly feel awful when you are on a battle to get more sleep. Some people might be skeptical about a sleep mask but you have to try one to know how amazing they are. The good thing about this is that they are so cheap and reusable over and over again every single night.

A good sleep mask will be anything between 30 to 50$ while a cheap one can be anywhere from 10 to 20$. They are also durable and washable so you won't need to spend that money again in a near future.

4. They protect your skin

Are you worried about sleeping beauty and the quality of your skin. Well with a sleeping mask you don't need to have eye creams or moisturizing lotion anymore. Sleep masks have been proven effective at protecting your skin and eyes, avoiding morning puffiness that a lot of people suffer from.

5. The address the problem of waking up with dry eye

By sleeping with a sleep mask, you are creating a barrier to protect your eyes from allergens, hot dry air, dust and anything else. The sleep mask will help to keep your eyes shut and moist which will make you wake up feeling refreshed.

6. They are excellent for travelling

A sleeping mask will quickly become your best travelling friend. You can use them on planes, trains, buses, hotel rooms or anywhere else. They are the best tool to pack in your luggage and you will thank me later for it. No more disturbing light at any point in time. It is a portable pitch black environment on demand.

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