The Best Sleep Masks of 2021

Are you looking for the best sleep masks of 2021? Well, look no further because you landed on the best sleep mask company there is right now. Here at Sleep Monkey, we take pride in providing and creating the best possible sleeping masks because we care deeply about our customers and know that sleep is crucial to feel you're very best. Our premium sleeping masks have made the first spot for the best possible sleeping masks in 2021. You can see that for yourselves by checking, a website of independent expert reviewers who scout the internet and the market regularly with the mission of finding the best possible sleep masks. 

So why would you want a sleeping eye mask? Well, sleep masks are a cheap and effective way to block all incoming light from hitting your pupils and keeping you awake. Multiple researchers around the globe have stated that one of the best possible ways to increase the duration and quality of your sleep is to sleep in a pitch-black environment. 

Our Sleeping masks are all crafted and assembled by hand, which ensures strict control of the quality and care of each product. We currently offer three fantastic sleeping masks that all serve the purpose of a complete blackout environment.

The difference between them is in the fabric and what they can offer.

Our newest product is the Sleepy Panda: The Sleepy Panda is 100% BPA & Latex Free. This luxuriously soft and high-quality breathable bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic. This natural bamboo material, directly imported from Thailand's beautiful and vast forest, remains calm and resists moisture.

You can get this beautifully made sleeping mask here.

Our second product and the Original Sleep mask from Sleepy Monkey is our Modal and Cotton blended one: This mask is made with the highest quality 100% skin-friendly modal fabric and cotton padding, which offers you ultra-soft and gentle touch on your eyes without any pressure. Modal is a popular fabric used in clothing. It is highly breathable, silky smooth, hypoallergenic, durable, much softer, and comfortable than other fabrics. Let this innovative sleep mask soothe the past away and give your eyes the most soothing, most elegant touch, relieving your facial stress and helping you get into sleep rapidly.

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Our third product is the Sleep Monkey Luxury Silk Sleeping mask with a cooling insert: This cooling sleep mask is made with the highest quality 100% handmade Premium Silk Material for a skin-friendly breathable fabric and comfortable fit. This innovative sleep mask soothes the past away and gives your eyes the softest, most elegant touch, relieving your facial stress and helping you get into sleep rapidly.

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