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Benefits of sleeping masks are:

Benefit 1: Encourages Deeper Sleep

It’s been proven many times over that intrusive light at night interrupts your body’s natural levels of hormone production, so experts recommend creating a “bat cave” setting, or total darkness, for sleep. Today, sleepers struggle with even more intrusive forms of light pollution, namely blue light from electronics, which make creating total darkness more challenging than simply pulling the curtains shut.

Eye masks encourage deeper sleep by blocking light to create the blackout your body desires, which in turn regulates your circadian rhythm and signals to your body that it’s time to produce melatonin and other rest-inducing chemicals. When it’s dark, more melatonin is produced, and the amount of melatonin in your body is directly correlated with how deeply you’re able to fall into the sleep cycle.

Benefit 2: Helps with Anti-Aging
Similar to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, sleep masks made from silk and other gentle, lightweight materials may reduce under-eye bags and prevent wrinkles in the long-term. Masks that are made from 100% natural, breathable materials that are washed regularly with scent-free detergent can also help people struggling with acne by improving sleep. After all, inadequate sleep is a known aggravator of cysts and pimples in acne-prone skin.

Benefit 3: Makes Traveling Better
Sleeping on a plane, train or in a car is hardly ideal, but it becomes a necessity when you’re on a long road trip, traveling cross-country or embarking on a red eye flight. In-flight sleep has been proven to be less efficient and cause more frequent awakenings than sleep in a hotel or at home, and a sleep mask may help improve its duration and quality. If you travel frequently, look for a sleep mask that’s designed to be space-saving, can double as a pillow and has noise-blocking features.

Benefit 4: Helps Dry Eyes
If you suffer from chronically dry eyes or sensitive skin around the eyes, a sleep mask can prevent further nighttime drying and irritation by protecting your eyes from air, dust and other irritants. This is especially true if your home is centrally heated or cooled, as this can stir up dust, pet hair and more that you didn’t know was lying around.

Similarly, a sleep mask can help people who have nocturnal lagophthalmos, or the inability to close the eyelids when fully asleep. At night, our eyelids lubricate and protect our eyes, and people who don’t experience this can wake with very dry eyes. A sleep mask can encourage the eyelids to relax and fully close.

Benefit 5: Improves Mental Health
If you experience deeper sleep due to a sleep mask, there’s no doubt that your overall mental and emotional health will improve.

If you are not convinced yet, just keep doing some research on google and it won't take you long to be convinced, otherwise go to our shop and select one of the sleeping mask here that suits your needs. You won't be disappointed and that is our promise to you.

The Sleep Monkey Team

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