My Success Story Using a Sleeping Mask

Hey Everyone, my name is James and I am a police officer. I wanted to share with you my success story using the Sleep Monkey Sleeping Mask. I started my career 16 years ago and shift work eventually started to take his tool on my body and mind. Going from day shift to night shift on a regular basis eventually messed up my sleep pattern to the extend that I couldn't sleep more than 4-5 hours per night.

Eventually that lead me to having high blood pressure, trouble concentrating, a hard time being physically performant at the gym, trouble in my relationship and at work due to my short fuse and much more.... It became clear to me that I need to address my sleep problems with a professional. I went to my doctor and psychologist and started discussing what was going on with me. The doctor prescribed me sleeping pills and sent me to a specialize clinic to see if I had sleep apnea problems. 

2 nights at the specialized clinic concluded that I did not have sleep apnea but irregular sleep patterns that would get me out of sleep continuously. The sleeping pills didn't help much either. I would always end back to the same problems.... Eventually my wife couldn't stand me anymore and went to her sisters because she said she needed to think and was contemplating a divorce. This plunge me in a depression that again needed medication for. 

After 2 months I decided to get a grip on myself and wanted to become what I was prior to my policing career. A young fit and determined gentleman who could touch his toes when standing up and had enough energy and stamina to make love to his wife after a shift at work. So I got onto a diet, started working out seriously, drinking nothing else but water and green tea and I noticed that I started sleeping slightly better. Yet that wasn't enough and I needed more.

One day I was talking to a work colleague of mine about my sleep issues and he recommended me to sleep with a sleeping mask. He swore to me that ever since he started using that, his sleep quality had tremendously increased. I couldn't believe him too much considering a sleep mask isn't anything too innovative or advanced in terms of sleeping based on my own belief but man ohhh man was I wrong. He recommended me to buy one from sleep monkey which can be purchased here

So I placed my order online and waited patiently for my Sleep Monkey Luxury Sleeping mask to come in through the mail and then boom, one day, it arrived! I was excited to try sleeping with this piece of fabric that seemed too simple to work for prolonging my sleep. The first night I wrapped this comfortably and amazingly soft sleeping mask around my head and I was immediately transported into a state of deep relaxation. There is something very soothing and relaxing about being blindfolded with a super soft piece of fabric that blocks all incoming light. 

As I was drifting to sleep slowly, I was expecting much how out this but figured that if my partner of over 5 years together was swearing by it, I would have to see for myself. I guess I was really tired or something because the very next day, my alarm clock didn't wake me up and I could believe I slept over 7 hours without interruption. Now, with the amount of review you get on the internet and stuff, you might be skeptical that I wrote this because I was paid by company or that I am just making bullshit claims, but I can swear to you guys this is my honest review of this product and I offered it to them for free as a thank you. 

So coming back to my story, I showed up to work and my partner picked me up with the cruiser. I got in and he looked at me with a smile. I said: ' What? Why are you looking at me like this, I am late and shit happens, sorry man' . He smiled even more and said: ' You received your sleep mask didn't you and you put it on last night right? ' From there on, my sleep quality keep increasing and I was happier, more energized, focus, making love to my wife etc..... I was like a brand new guy. Could you believe that all I needed was something to block my eyelids from incoming light and then no matter if I was doing day shifts or night shifts, my body wouldn't notice the difference and I could sleep 7 to 8 hours now?

This product is truly amazing and I could keep bragging and telling you about it but I am a cop and I stick to the facts. Get it and you won't be disappointed. End of the story.

James S

Seattle Police Department


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