Increasing Your Sleep Quality With Luxury Eye Masks

When it comes to feeling your best, sleep is one of the most crucial aspect of human being and one simple way to increase the quality and duration of sleep is with eye masks. Yes you read this right, eye masks are a cheap and very effective way of increasing the quality of your sleep. If I was to invest in one piece of equipment or product to do so, I would invest in a sleeping mask before anything else.

 Eye Masks have been around for some time now but most people don't know about it. The way sleeping eye masks work is that they block incoming light from hitting your eye lids thus preventing your brain from receiving the signal that it is time to wake up. It is well known that light affects our circadian rhythm and that preventing light from being present in your sleeping environment, is one of the most effective way to ensure a sound sleep throughout the night. The second way to ensure a deep sleep is to lower the temperature of your room. By having a low room temperature and no lights, you can bet that your sleep quality and duration might almost double surprisingly. 

Here at Sleep Monkey, we offer various models of eye masks for your sleep and you can select the one that seems best suitable for you based on your taste and desires. One of our newest product is the Sleepy Panda which is a luxury sleeping eye masks made out of Bamboo. Bamboo is ultra-breathable and it has the quality of staying cool even when it's hot. It pushes moisture away and always provides that comfortable and relaxing cool texture on your face. It is definitely an amazing product and you can get it hereYou can also browse our collection of luxury sleeping eye masks here.

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Enjoy your best possible sleep tonight by getting a luxury sleeping mask. This little piece of fabric will become your best friend and you will carry it around anywhere you go for the rest of your lives. Enjoy!

The Sleep Monkey Team