How to increase your sleep quality drastically under 40$

If I would tell you that research have demonstrated that with a simple item under 40$, you could drastically increase the duration and quality of your sleep, would you believe me and ask me what it is? Well the answer to this is a sleeping mask. Yes you heard that right, that little piece of fabric covering your eyes can almost double your rem sleep and provide a more restful and recuperating sleep environment. The best thing with a sleep mask is that it is a portable solution that you can use on planes, buses, trains, hotel rooms, holidays, down south and at home without breaking the bank.

By blocking all incoming light to your eyelids, you provide yourself with a pitch black environment. It is proven that light decreases melatonin production and gets you out of sleep. WIth so much emphasis and research addressing the importance of sleep quality nowadays, why would you not want to increase it drastically with something that cost you less than a full meal at the restaurant and that will be useful every night for the rest of your lives. If you aren't already sleeping with a sleeping mask, you are definitely missing out. 


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