How to Improve the Quality and Duration of your Sleep

Sleep is an important if not the most important factor in health and well-being. However, we find people cutting short on their sleep more and more. This not only makes it hard for them to focus, but it prevents them from being fully present with their family, or have any kind of energy to for outside for a walk.

Sleeping should be not only a sacred ritual, but something you put more energy and focus on daily. Sleeping is a time for our bodies and mind to compartmentalize the day, regenerate and make space for the new day to come. It it also an important process of removing toxins from the brain and the only time the brain can do so. This should make you realize just as important it is for the body to sleep. 

Here are three simple things you can do right now to change that on a quick turn around:

1. Keep the bedroom to a minimal use.

Using the bedroom to work, watch TV, eat, or do anything else than sleep, can create patterns of associations that can actually impair sleep. 

2. Minimize or remove displays.

Blue light or artificial lights can prevent you from falling asleep. Tv's should be kept outside the bedroom and you should consider plugging in your phones across the room or somewhere else entirely.

3. Meditating, Reading or Journaling are great ideas.

Activities that require a low level of stimulation are great to do before bedtime as they aid in calming your nervous system, readying ourselves for sleep. Our bodies are conditioned for routines and using these activities as part of your sleeping ritual, will help you fall asleep faster and condition yourself for a great night ahead. 

While these are great and quick tips to impact your sleep, the best possible tip is to create a zen space.

Creating a zen space

There is four things to consider when creating or designing your bed space and those are darkness, temperature, tidy and pleasant smelling and peaceful decorations. 

1. Darkness: Creating a dark environment is one of the most important thing you can do for your bedroom space. Eliminating lights, getting blackout curtains, even window placements if building a house can be part of the strategy. If you want a cheap and portable solution to darkness, buying a sleeping mask is one of the best thing you can do! You will then have portable darkness at hand. Sleep Monkey designs amazing sleeping mask and they are excellent at creating the perfect environment and comfort you are seeking.

2. Temperature: Cooler rooms lower body temperature which has been shown to assist in falling asleep. A colder room is an important part of falling and staying asleep. So get cold people!

3. Tidy and pleasant smelling: Keeping your bedroom tidy and organized is one inviting way to welcome you to sleep every night. Scents like lavender and eucalyptus can also help induce and promote sleep. An essential oil diffuser might be a great idea before bedtime and even throughout the night.

4. Peaceful decorations: Avoiding bright colors should be a must when decorating and designing your bedroom. Neutral colors with natural plants can help you feel relaxed and tranquil.

While all of these methods are very useful, the consistency of using them is what you want to aim for. 

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