Here are 16 Blackout Sleep Eye Mask Benefits for Deep Restful Sleep

So many of us don't get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep not only affects your body, it also makes you sluggish. Studies have demonstrated that lack of sleep can impair you just as much as being under the influence of alcohol. It also affects your brain functions and slows down the productivity of work. This is where one very efficient and often overlook product comes in. A blackout sleeping mask is a simple solution that is recommended for everyone, regardless of age or sleep issue.

What are the smart benefits of a blackout sleep eye mask?

There is some pretty conclusive research studies that suggests that a sleeping eye masks can promote better sleep in an unfriendly situation. As an experiment, some researchers have created several care units and gave sleeping masks to volunteers; the results indicated that these masks surpassed any other sleeping aid or medication that these volunteers would take. Almost all of the patients had a peaceful night in total darkness.

It's clear that a blackout sleeping mask should be part of your wellness total care package and in this article we will be exploring 16 benefits that you can get immediately from starting to use a sleeping mask.

Here is the top ten sleeping masks on the market currently:

1. It blocks light very well

When it comes to sleep, research have demonstrated that the quality of sleep matters more than the quantity of sleep. So if you want to enhance the quality of your sleep, you will need to modify your environment a little bit. The primary and most beneficial perk of a sleeping mask, is that it provides an immediate pitch black full darkout environment wherever you are. A top quality sleeping mask like the sleep monkey luxury sleep mask will do exactly that for you. By blocking 100% of the incoming light, this will signal to your body to release melatonin right away. Melatonin is the most important hormone when it comes to starting the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) deep sleep. This sleep cycle is the cycle that makes you feel rested so if you don't spend enough time there, you will wake up tired and not refreshed.

2. It protects your skin

A sleeping mask will create a barrier between the sensitive skin of your eyes and the external environment. The oxygen flowing freely through the mask will help your skin to retain moisture. This prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated and allows your body to focus on increasing collagen which is essential to a good looking face. It also protects your eyes from allergens that might be in the air during certain time of the year.

3. It prevents wrinkles

Sleeping masks protect the skin around your eyes where people get the wrinkle line first. It creates a protective layer between you and your pillow which prevents you from waking up with wrinkles. A good blackout sleeping mask will help to take care of your skin.

4. It helps to avoid acne

 It you have a skin type that is prone to acne problems, you can choose a mask that is made from 100% natural material like cotton or silk. At sleep monkey we have three amazing masks that are made from bamboo, cotton or silk. You can shop here and select the one you would like based on your preferences. Using a sleeping mask made of natural material will improve your bedtime habits and that will yield a positive impact on your acne prone skin.

5. It is very effective for dry eyes

Dry eyes is a very dangerous condition and the side effects of this condition can be reduced with the help of a blackout sleeping mask. As we spoke earlier, a sleeping mask will help the skin around your eyes to retain moisture at night and it will allow your eyes a break from the external elements which will increase their moisture and allow them to rest. If you wear a sleeping mask all night, you will surely feel that the skin around your eyes becomes soft and fresh. 

6. It reduces the time to fall asleep

A sleeping mask helps the body to figure out that it is time to sleep or wake up based on the amount of light. By tricking your body that it is now pitch black, you are reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and this will help you greatly in your fight against insomnia. It is also very effective for shift workers.

7. Fights with Insomnia

Our brains associate total darkness with sleep so it is no coincidence that when you wear a sleeping mask, your sleep quality will immediately increase. Sleep masks coupled with earplugs like every kit that comes with the sleep monkey line of sleeping masks, will help reduce external stimuli that can keep your brain active and thinking. If you suffer from insomnia and don't currently have a sleeping eye mask, please buy one today without hesitation.

8. They are great for puffy eyes

There is multiple reasons behind puffy eyes. It can be due to allergies or lack of sleep for instance. At sleep monkey, we have a cooling eye mask that you can refrigerate and wear while relaxing on the couch, which will take care of reducing all of that swelling right away and leaving your face feeling youthful and refreshed. You can get our cooling eye masks here. 

9. Reduces Swelling

A sleeping mask will offer you an immersive and complete relaxation. A lot of swelling on your face comes from a lack of proper sleep so by directly enhancing your sleep quality with a blackout sleeping eye mask, you will immediately see a positive reducing effect on swelling.

10. It relieves Sinuses

A cooling sleeping mask like the chilly monkey or our sleep monkey luxury silk eye mask with a cooling insert is one of the best natural remedy for sinus pain and headaches. These masks will provide you cooling effect that will immediately act to reduce blood flow around the area of your eyes and that will reduce inflammation. 

11. It provides pain relief

Sleeping eye masks are great at providing pain relief to people who suffer from lagophthalmos which is the inability to close their eyes entirely during sleep. Many people with this condition go through headaches or migraines that are worsened by light exposure. By using a sleeping mask throughout the night, this condition is addressed and as a result people feel much better.

12. The best travel companion

No Matter where you go in the world, if you travel by air, land or sea. A sleeping mask will help you create that total much desired darkness whenever and wherever you want to sleep. It is truly a must when travelling and for life in general.

13. They are safe and convenient

Unlike sleeping pills or any other medication, a sleeping blackout sleep mask is a natural and very effective way to combat insomnia and most sleep disorders.

14. They are weightless and washable

Sleep masks are reusable, washable and weightless which makes them the perfect tool for anybody seeking to enhance the quality and duration of their sleep.

15. They are made of soft fabric

They are truly comfortable and made of natural fibers that will surely leave your face feeling amazing in the morning.

16. They are cheap and affordable

Blackout sleeping masks are cheap and affordable. It is a one time purchase that you will be using every single night of your life so you can bet that the value you are getting out of these is tremendous!

With that being said, I don't think I need to sell you more on this. Get your sleeping mask today and enjoy the best sleep of your life. Shop our selection right here.