Get your perfect night sleep with our premium sleeping masks!

If you want to improve your sleep drastically with one of the cheapest bang for your buck product, you need to start using a sleep mask. Sleeping masks have been the secret weapon for many shift workers for years. Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers, Fireman, Military personnel's and more, have been using our premium quality sleeping masks with tremendous success. 

A sleeping mask works by blocking all incoming light from hitting your eye lids and triggering you to wake up. Due to the physiological way our bodies are designed, the moment light hits your pupils, it triggers your body to come out of sleep as a defense mechanism for when we were caveman and lived outdoors. It was to prevent us from getting attacked by animals. 

Now days, we need more rest than ever and with our society being so goal focused and axed on performance, the amount of sleep hours we are getting has decreased. As a result, it is imperative that we look out for ways to enhance our rem sleep and increase the quality of the time we spend in bed. 

Buying an amazing and reputable sleep eye mask is one great way to do so without breaking the bank. With the best sleeping masks ranging from 30$ to 50$ it is one investment that you won't regret. Research have demonstrated that blocking incoming light increases the duration and quality of your sleep.

The amazing thing about a sleep mask, is that you can bring it with you everywhere you go. It is truly like having blackout curtains on the go. The immersive experience of wearing a sleeping mask also helps to induce sleep. 

If you want the best and cheapest solution to increase your sleep, look at our face mask selection. Our sleeping masks come with earplugs and we have the softest fabric possible with our mask made out of modal and the other one out of premium silk with a cooling insert for dark circles and puffy eyes. 

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