Do Sleep Mask Really Work?

One of the best possible thing you can do to improve the quality and duration of your sleep is to buy a sleep mask. Below we will explore the multiple benefits of this cheap yet ultra effective tool when it comes to battling insomnia and dealing with sleep disturbance and fatigue. 

How do eye masks help you sleep?

The back premise of a sleeping mask is quite simply to block the light from reaching your eyes. The basic problem with sleep is that exposure to any type of light, artificial or natural, confuses your circadian rhythm which is the body's 24 hour internal clock that regulates sleep patterns. This system is set by light and it is what controls our sleep-wake cycles. Without it, it would be very hard and confusing for us to know when to sleep. When it's dark, this system tells your body to release melatonin which is the hormone responsible for putting us to sleep. When there is light in your environment, that system is inhibited and melatonin production is reduced. 

Who should try a sleep mask?

Chances are that almost everyone can benefit from going to sleep with an eye mask on. From Children to teenagers and adults, cutting the incoming light that hits your eyelids is what's needed to help you stay clear of insomnia. Numerous studies backed the importance of a pitch black environment for good sleep and a sleeping eye mask can achieve that quite effectively for very cheap. It is quite effective for anybody who:

  • Suffers from insomnia
  • Is a light sleeper
  • Works night shifts or has to sleep during the day
  • Travels frequently and need to be able to sleep in various environment

What are the benefits of sleep masks?

Sleeping mask increases REM sleep, provide a better recovery and overall allows you to spend more time asleep.

Here are 5 additional benefits of eye masks:

  • Stop distractions and prevent you from viewing screens devices in bed. You are not going to look at your phone or the TV if you have a sleeping mask on. Even just putting the mask on will prevent the temptation of doing so.
  • Improve dry itchy eyes. Covering your eyes protects them from dust, dry air or any other potential irritants.
  • Protect your Skin. Over time, a mask can help preserve the delicate skin around your eyes and prevent wrinkles.
  • They are portable for travel. You may have complete darkness in your bedroom at home but once you start traveling, this can be extremely hard to replicate. A sleeping eye mask will fix this for you without any issues. 
  • Cheap and easy. Sleeping mask are cheap and cost much less than blackout curtains. They are simple to use and require low maintenance. A wash once in awhile will do just fine.

What should you look for in a sleep mask

There is many sleeping mask on the market and they all differ in size, material and quality. Here are some of the key characteristics you should be looking for:

  • Make sure it provides a blackout environment
  • Make sure it is comfortable, easy to wear, and that your skin doesn't react to the material
  • Find one that can be adjustable
  • Get one that fits your sleeping style. For example one that won't slide off your face while you sleep on your side.

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