Cheap Sleep Hack That Won't Break the Bank

When I was young, I remember going to my friend's house and his parents would made us sleep in the basement because we were loud and played video games till late at night. In his basement, there was a room who was an old cold storage and they turned it into an extra bedroom with a few beds for my friend and his friends. This room had no window, was made out of concrete, and was extremely cold. Do you know what happened when I slept there? I had the most amazing sleep of my life. Not knowing science at a time this room had all factors to create the best possible and no wonder I was sleeping like a baby. It was first of all pitch black to the point that you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face. It was also extremely cold which promotes deep sleep and restfulness. And lastly it was made out of concrete so it was ultra sound proof. This room to this day is the best place I ever slept at!

Simple Sleep Hack 

Being now a grown up adult and working shift work, I always struggled to have great sleep. Remembering that time, I decided to create the same conditions in my environment. I made sure my room is cold at night, I got some ear plugs and recently started one of the best possible sleep hack you can purchase. That sleep hack is a simple yet super effective product called a sleep mask. Sleeping masks provide that pitch black environment you need by blocking all incoming light from hitting your eyelids. This keeps your brain shut down and prevents you from waking up too quickly. What is even better that this is that this solution is portable. This means you can bring your sleep mask on a plane, a train, a bus, boat, car or any other transportation means. This solution is super simple yet amazing and ultra cheap. You will spend roughly 30$ to 40$ on a good sleeping mask and this will be used every single night of your life and be durable for a long enough time. We spend this kind of money on all sort of useless shit in our lives so I figure investing in my wellness was a great idea. It turned out to be the best investment I ever made in myself. My sleep is now amazing and I would never go back in time. My sleeping mask follows me everywhere I go now!

Here are the product page of the best sleeping masks by my favorite company called Sleep Monkey. They make upgraded and amazing sleeping mask and you should definitely check their products out. My favorite is the Bamboo sleeping mask since it's temperature wicking properties leaves it always at the most comfortable temperature for you to sleep with and I also love the original cotton sleep mask.

You can check out the best sleeping masks here: