Blackout Sleeping Mask or Blackout Curtains: Which is Better?

A blackout sleeping mask and blackout curtains serve similar purposes but ultimately it boils down to personal preference and convenience. Cost wise, blackout curtains are about 5 times the cost of a sleeping mask and require installation. A blackout sleeping mask on the other side is very portable, you can use it right away, and you can bring it around when travelling or during flights. It is also great is you choose to nap during your break at the office. Some people can't stand having something on their face so in this particular case, blackout curtains can be better.

This article will explore the benefits of both and allow you to make a wise choice.

Benefits of a Sleep Mask

1. They help to improve your overall sleep quality and duration

According to Harvard Medical School, our retina has light-sensitive cells. The job of these cells is to tell our brain what time of the day it is. They also help to regulate and determine our sleep patterns. As an example, if you are used to sleeping early and you get exposed to light, you won't be able to fall asleep as quickly on that day. Sleeping mask ensures that you get a total blackout experience which turn off the excitement of the light-sensitive cells in your retina and allows you to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

A chinese studies involving sleeping masks found that the use of them during sleep led to improved sleep quality with fewer disruptions and boosted melatonin levels.

2. Sleep masks are safer than medication hands down

Individuals having trouble sleeping often resorts to using medication to cope with the lack of sleep and it's side effects. There's even risk of overdose and they tend to lead to habit-forming behaviors that can have irreversible side effects. A sleeping mask on the other hand, works by tricking your brain that it is night time and allow you for a natural sleep to be induced without side-effects.

3. They are perfect to travel

When exposed to the various environment changes of travelling, a sleeping mask is your best companion on the plain, train, bus or hotel room to provide you a pitch black environment for a quick nap or a good restful sleep.

4. Sleep masks are a cheaper option than blackout curtains

Lastly, a good quality sleeping mask runs at about 40$ maximum while blackout curtains can cost in the hundreds! If you don't feel like installing anything and want a portable solution that's cheap and effective, a sleeping mask is the way to go.

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Benefits of Blackout Curtains

1. Blackout curtains significantly block out light

Blackout curtains are great at keeping your room pitch black and creating that much needed environment for a good sleep. Their backside is made of layers of heavy fabric who blocks all incoming light. They require more of a set up and installation than a sleeping mask for sure, but if you don't like to wear anything on your face, this is a good option.

2. They can reduce exterior noise from the streets

Blackout curtains by their thickness and design, helps to reduce noise coming from outside your room. Noise can have an impact on your sleep quality so this is a plus of blackout curtains.

3. They help save energy

Blackout curtains can save energy cost by stopping the sun light from coming into the house and warm it up. If you wanted to save on your AC bills during the summer, blackout curtains can help you do so.

4. Blackout curtains offer maximum privacy

If you use your bedroom for other things than sleeping, blackout curtains can offer you that perfect privacy from the exterior eyes and bystanders. 


So which one should you go for?

  • A sleep mask is ideal to take naps on the go or bring around with you anywhere in the world. It is a portable blackout solution that's cheap on always on hand. It fits in your travelling bags or purse and can even be used on lunch breaks at work. On the other hand, blackout curtains are limited to only one room and once installed, that's where it stays.
  • For privacy reasons, blackout curtains are a no brainer for your bedroom and that's something a sleeping mask can't offer.
  • When it comes to sleep quality and duration, they are both as equally good in that manner. They block the light and helps you have a great sleep.
  • Blackout curtains can reduce noise pollution but now days, sleeping masks all comes with earplugs who do just as good of a job if not a better one.

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