Best Sleeping Masks of 2022

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Sleep Monkey was created by Mark and Dwayne Johnson who were working in the military and law enforcement field. With so many shifts on shift work, they had to find a solution to increase the quality and duration of their sleep. So together they went on a mission of trying every supplement and sleeping aid tools or product they could find out there. One of the products they tried was so simple yet of of the most effectives and guess what; it was a sleeping mask. So they went on various websites and on amazon and started buying all of the sleeping masks they could buy.

Combining all of the best features of various sleeping masks, they created the best and most amazing sleeping masks on the market. They have a luxurious bamboo one that is so breathable and comfy for hot sleepers, they also have a lightweight blackout cotton one that people really like and appreciate, they made a super soft silk one with a cooling insert to relieve puffy eyes and dryness and they have a cooling mask that is designed to relieve allergies and headaches  

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The Sleep Monkey Team