Best Luxury Travel Pillow for Airplanes with Neck Support!

At Sleep Monkey, our goal is to design amazing sleeping products and our most recent one is the Flying Monkey Luxury Travel Pillow Kit for airplanes, cars, buses, or trains. This kit has an amazing eye mask, earplugs and a super soft memory foam pillow that comes with an attachment system so that your head can stay in place while you sleep during travels. This kit is exactly what you want to buy as travel essentials. 

The memory foam pillow provides excellent support for the head and neck while offering an ultra-comfortable surface to rest your head onto. The front adjustable clasps allow you to tight the pillow around your neck to the desired tightness based on your comfort level. 

You can attach the neck pillow for travel to any compatible chair, including airplane seats or office chairs, to prevent slouching or falling forward, keeping head and spine in perfect alignment for ultimate comfort and support. The Flying Monkey Luxury Pillow Travel Kit for adults will offer you all the comfort you need while traveling long distances on airplanes. It is the best travel pillow foam pillow you can find on the market today!

Unlike other neck pillows for travel or gaming, this dual-density memory foam pillow provides comfort whether your head leans forward or to the side, featuring a custom-adjustable clasp for chin support. This foam is ultra comfortable and adapts to your head weight forming a comfortable surface to rest on while seated. Traveling long hours is already uncomfortable; let this product make that ride more pleasurable with deep and restful sleep. This Travel Sleeping Pillow with an eye mask is what you need for ultimate traveling essentials.

The Flying Monkey Luxury Travel Pillow is orthopedic expert-approved and recommended to support any seated activity that tires the muscles supporting the head. Enjoy fully supported relaxation with this headrest pillow for neck pain support.

The eye mask provides complete blackout capabilities, it's light and comfortable and also has a nose wire to mold the nose part to your own specific nose size for a comfortable setup.

The provide earplugs are a bonus addition that will certainly please you on long travels with lots of ambient noise.

Enjoy this product today and buy the best traveling pillow on the market right now!

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