Benefits of using Cool Gel Eye Masks

A Cool or Gel Eye Mask can be beneficial in many ways …A cool gel eye mask can reduce your eye stress, can remove wrinkles & dark circles around your eyes.

We live a stressful and hectic life. All the time we are using electronic media and staring at bright electronic screens, which have become smaller for our eyes. Often we get dark stress circles during long working hours before a computer, or from late night sleeping, watching TV late into the night. Or we might be doing field work in hot summer nights. All these cause eye strains.

You can get relief from such common eye strain problems by using a cool gel eye mask.

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What are Eye Masks?
Commercially available eye masks come in various shapes and sizes. Some are made of gel-filled plastic, while others are made of herb-filled silk or soft cotton fabric. You can use them for multiple purposes depending upon what you want.

An eye mask essentially covers the area around your eyes, part of your temples and part of cheeks. Some eye masks have a small cut-out or hole in them so that you can see through them while you do your daily routine. These eye masks come with an Elastic Band or Velcro Strap or sometimes plain ropes. So that you can tie them around your head .

Broadly, there are Two Types of Eye Masks
There are two types of popular use commercial eye masks – 1. Sleep Eye Masks and 2. Gel Eye Masks. There are further variants to these basic mask types, depending on use of certain special ingredients in the fillings such as aromatic herbs or special oils.

The plain Sleep Eye Masks are made using a soft fabric such as silk or blended cotton. They come with or without some cushion and with or without some herbs or aromatic substance fillings. You can use them for the purpose of blocking light in your room; this can help you sleep better. Read our post here on Sleep Eye Masks.

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The cool gel eye masks on the other hand are multi-purpose eye masks. They contain cool blue or green gel filled inside. Mostly, these can be used as cold application after freezing in your refrigerator. You can also them in heated or warm form after keeping in hot water for few minutes. How you use, depends upon what you want to get out of it!

What are the benefits of Gel Eye Mask or Cool Eye Mask?
You can use gel eye masks for a variety of purposes such as relief from eye strains, puffiness or swellings around the eyes, relaxation of eyes post a stressed beauty treatment and so on. They can also help you in taking short naps.

A gel eye mask is known to reduce puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, and any inflammation caused by allergens. A chilled or cold gel eye mask helps contracting the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes. This reduces the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Secondly, a cool gel eye mask can soothe the skin, which may have been stretched and irritated by use of chemical-based cosmetic products or the environment.

Third, Gel Eye Masks have been found to be beneficial in removing headaches and migraines for some persons. After cooling in your home fridge for 15-20 mins, you can apply the gel mask over your eyes. It soothes the migraine prone area of the forehead between the eyes. However, do check the ingredients and features while purchasing it.

Lastly, cool gel eye masks can also relieve sinus pain affecting forehead and eyes. You may find in the online market some special sinus masks for this purpose. When cold, it relieves sinuses during allergy season. If you have a sinus headache, a 20 minute nap with the gel mask over your eyes can relieve your pain.

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Do gel eye mask help in sleeping?
Apart from getting relief from eye strain and puffiness or swellings, a gel eye mask can also help you in napping during the day. Power naps have been found to be quite helpful in rejuvenating and refreshing your body, mind and spirits.

A gel mask can be a good companion for a 15-20 minute nap during the day. When you use cold (or warm) gel pack over your eyes, you will arise from your nap feeling fresh and bright.

These masks help in blocking any light in your room while providing coolness or warmth. In the process, they create a good environment for taking a quick nap.

How do I use a gel eye mask?
Most of gel eye masks can be used either in cold form or heated form. The cold treatment is more popular, as it targets more desired uses or requirements. Cold masks relieve dry, puffy eyes and sinus headaches or migraine problems. They help in reducing swelling after a cosmetic or beauty treatment.

For using cold treatment with gel masks, you will need to refrigerate the gel eye mask in your freezer for about 20-30 minutes. (Please do follow instruction on individual products)

On the other hand, warmth or heat helps in reducing nasal congestion and soreness once the swelling is over. When used as hot, gel masks can help relieve redness and swelling after you wax your eyebrows. They are also good for congestion relief.

For hot use, you can soak the eye mask for 5 – 10 minutes in hot (not boiling) water.

You should always check if the mask is comfortable to touch and then apply. In case of any irritation or feelings of unease, take off the eye mask immediately and consult your doctor before using such masks any further.

Gel Eye Mask Ingredients
Eye masks by different manufacturers vary in terms ingredients they use. Some are formulated with natural Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Purified water, and/or Essential Oils. These ingredients apart from giving a pleasant smell also help in soothing the inflammation and create a gentle relaxing feel.

Our suggestion is that you should buy a gel eye mask having preferably pure Aloe Vera or natural herbal formulations. It should not have heavy oils, like mineral oil or too much of artificial dyes/ chemicals. These can cause irritation to the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Are there any Gel Eye Mask Side Effects?
While a gel eye mask is designed to be soothing, you need to be careful about the ingredients and components of the mask. Sometimes, the mask material can irritate the sensitive skin of certain people around the eyes and cheeks.

If you have never used a gel eye mask before, you can ask your doctor whether this will be beneficial for any eye issues that you are trying to treat.

If you experience any redness, swelling, or a rash as a result of using a gel eye mask, do not apply for second time until you have consulted with your dermatologist or eye doctor.

We live a stressful and hectic life. Often we get dark stress circles during long working hours before a computer, late night sleeping habits, or watching TV late into the night.

All these cause eye strains. You can get relief from such common eye strain problems by using a cool gel eye mask. A cool gel eye mask can reduce your eye stress, can remove wrinkles & dark circles around your eyes.

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