If you're in search of a great night's sleep (or even a nice nap!) a pure silk sleep mask is your ticket to bedtime bliss. Using a silk sleep mask encourages deep, dreamy rest and is an indulgent beauty treatment for your eyes and skin. But to get the best of these benefits, you absolutely need to use a high-quality silk sleep mask made from Sleep Monkey.

Sleeping with a silk sleep mask has many benefits. For some of us, sleeping with one every night becomes like the most sacred bedtime ritual and an absolute necessity to secure a good night’s sleep. For others, it is a useful travel companion on flights or when needing a nap during the daytime.

A silk sleep mask is one of the easiest ways to secure total darkness in your bedroom. By blocking out all light, the sleep hormone melatonin is being stimulated and will tell your body that it is time for sleep. As a protein based fiber, silk is also naturally hypoallergenic. Silk is inherently non-irritating, keeps skin comfortable and well-hydrated, and can even minimize the occurrence of dry eye. That's why silk is the ideal sleep mask material.

A silk sleep mask will help encourage the important deep sleep that is vital for your general well-being and will help you stay asleep by minimizing the nightly disruptions that might be caused by light from your phone, laptop or television or perhaps the lights from the outside.

The silk will soothe the delicate skin around your eyes and the tightly woven, and very smooth silk fibres will help keep your skin moisturized and make you wake up the next morning with fresh hydrated skin, ready for a new day.

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When To You Use A Silk Sleep Mask

The short answer is: anytime. While most of us think of a sleep mask as an "overnight" accessory, it's also perfect for getting an effective nap or promoting sleep while traveling. Recent research has shown that "power naps" are great for reducing stress and improving cognitive function. Some companies, including Nike and Zappos, are embracing nap culture to improve employee productivity and wellness with dedicated nap spaces. Even if you work for a slightly less progressive organization, carving out twenty or thirty minutes to nap is a fantastic way to recharge your day. Set your alarm, and slip on our pure mulberry silk sleep mask, and get ready to relax.

How to Care for Your Silk Sleep Mask

Caring for your silk sleep mask is easy. Simply handwash your mask with cool water using a detergent specially formulated for silk. Don't rub or wring aggressively; gently squeeze water out and hang the mask to dry out of direct sunlight.

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