11 Sleep Mask Benefits!

One of the best possible way to have the greatest sleep of your life, is to make sure your environment is totally dark, but this isn't always a possibility. Blackout curtains might be too expansive or you are travelling and can't control how dark your environment is. Whatever the case may be, a sleeping mask is an affordable and portable solution to address any light your environment throws at you. In this article, we will cover 11 amazing sleep mask benefits!

1. A Sleep Mask Can Help To Calm Sleep Anxiety

If you are one of the people that struggle with sleep anxiety, you know how important good sleeping habits and a great environment can help you to succeed. We know that exposure to light before bed can lower significantly the production of melatonin levels, making it difficult to fall asleep. A sleeping mask can control your environment and block incoming light wherever you are and whenever. This can help create the perfect environment to calm sleep anxiety and help you get that restful sleep you need.


2. May Help You Fall Asleep Faster

A sleep mask can also potentially help you fall asleep faster. There's nothing worse than lying in bed, tossing and turning for many hours, and not falling asleep. Eye masks have been proven to help people fall asleep faster by reducing both the amount of light hitting your eyelid and reducing distractions. 


3. May Help With Insomnia

A sleep mask helps to block out the extra noise coming from your brain. Even when your eyes are close, you can often still see or sense activity around your area. A sleep mask helps to provide the much needed sensory deprivation to create an environment to calm the brain and lower it's activities.


4. It's Travel-Friendly

When you are travelling, it can be a lot harder to fall asleep due to being out of your environment. A sleep mask is an amazing and portable tool to bring that calm and peaceful environment wherever you want. A sleep mask is a perfect solution to tune out unfamiliar environments and help you get that much needed shut eye when travelling. 


5. May Help Prevent Winkles

Want to know one of the best possible way to prevent wrinkles? The answer is simple, SLEEP! Studies found that sleep deprivation is associated with more wrinkles and fine lines around the face. A lack of sleep isn't the only reason you may develop wrinkles. We can develop winkles also from facial expressions during sleep or when we sleep on our side or stomach and compress our face into the pillow. Wearing a sleep mask protects the much sensitive skin around the eyes. 


6. Can Block Incoming Light

One of the best possible ways to improve your sleep is to control the lighting environment you are sleeping in. We know from research that light impacts our circadian rhythm making a sleep mask useful for getting a good night's rest. The main purpose of a sleeping mask is to block out any extra light that may interfere with a good night's rest and they are amazing at doing so!


7. May Help Minimize Distractions

We live in an environment where tech have become part of our daily lives. Blue light that these devices emits can keep your brain stimulated and make it hard for you to fall asleep. By putting a sleep mask on before bed, this prevents you from building up the habit of scrolling your phone and helps you cut out this bad habit before bed and blocks any kind of blue light that would be emit from the devices. 

8. May Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep masks stimulate extreme darkness, which can help you fall sleep faster and improve your sleep quality. It is a no brainer that deep sleep is important to feeling rested and performing at our best. Without spending time in the stage three and four of the sleep cycle( stages associated with deep sleep), you may feel sick, depressed or have trouble concentrating among many other issues. A sleeping mask cuts out external stimuli and distractions and offers you what you need to fall asleep and stay asleep.


9. Can Be an Alternative to Medication

A sleeping mask promotes deep sleep without the use of sleeping pills or melatonin supplement. It is a great and cheap way to prevent using medication and a much healthier alternative to creating a better sleep quality and duration than medication. In the long run, medication isn't a solution.


10. May help Relieve Headaches

Some people are light sensitive and that can be one of the most common problem associated with chronic migraines. Anyone with Migraines know they can be particularly debilitating when they hit during the middle of the day and sunlight makes it difficult to find a dark room to recuperate in. A sleeping mask can give you that much-needed retreat wherever and whenever you want. 


11. May Help Minimize Dry Eyes

If you wake up with itchy dry eyes, suffer from allergies or are sensitive to warm dry heat coming from your heating system, you know how this can be irritating to the eyes. Wearing a sleep mask is one of the best possible ways to cut out your eyes from the exposure to all these factors that can give you dry eyes. This means you can wake up feeling much better simply by wearing this amazing and cheap sleeping trick.

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